Custom Training

Playaway® and Playaway View® are not just ideal formats for today's war fighter; they are also a great way for Commanding Officers, FRG Leaders and Military Educators to deliver custom training to those in their charge.

Playaway & Playaway View

Playaway is perfect for:

Reasons to Train via Playaway

  • A single Playaway is capable of holding 80 hours of spoken audio training content or 5 hours of video content, in any language.
  • Preloaded and secure, so your training content cannot be modified or shared and it is DoD compliant.
  • Both under 6 ounces, Playaway portables are perfect for the mobile lifestyle of our service personnel.

For more information or to place an order, contact the military sales team at via email or call 877.893.0808 x194

Note: A typical turn around for custom programs on Playaway is 30 days from
acknowledgement of purchase order and receipt of content/art assets.